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a vampire's love lemon #1

Saturday, 18 June 2005

a vampire's love lemon 1
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: feel good featurin' soad
. (Lemon Start) Then he flips you over so that he’s on top and he starts working his way down your throat and then at the area connecting your neck and shoulder you moan while he keeps to that spot until his hands start to travel to the bottom of your shirt. He pulls your shirt off along with your bra and throws them off the bed then he makes his way down to your right breast and begins to suckle your breast while he massages your left breast with his right hand and then he moves his left hand to the small of your back and pushes you towards him. He then moves his hand to the waistband of your skirt while you move your hands to his pants zipper and open then up. He is slowly pulling your skirt as well as your underwear down your legs and your starting to pull his pants down slowly as well then he puts a finger inside you and starts pumping it slowly in and out then he adds another finger and continues this process and then he puts in a third as you moan and pull his underwear down he pulls out his finger then you flip him so he’s now on the bottom and you reach down and start massaging his length as he moans from your ministrations you slowly kiss your way down his abdomen until you reach his hardness. You let go of it with your hands and start to lick it from the base up and when you reach the tip you slowly slide your month over him as he moans with pleasure you suck him until he releases his seed into your mouth. Then you start kissing your way back up to his mouth and ask him for entrance in the same way he did you and then he lets you in eagerly and flips you so that he’s on top then he starts trailing kisses down to your entrance and he licks you once to ask you before he starts his ministrations and you nod in approval and slightly buck your hips then he licks you down to your core at that moment you start moaning uncontrollably unable to stand his teasing any more when you release your juices into his mouth he laps them up eagerly and then starts his way back up to your mouth. Once he gets up to your mouth and is let in you feel his hardness swell by your core so you position his length at the entrance to your core and he enters you but you cry out in pain but he kisses your blood tears away and kisses you forcefully on the mouth while slowly gaining speed pumping into you. After your moment of pain you start moaning in pleasure beyond your belief while he pumps faster and harder into you. He leaves you mouth to make his way to your ear which he blows into gently and then suckles your earlobe in his mouth. He continues this while you are coming close to your climax he’s still pumping hard and fast in to you. Then you reach your climax and moan loudly in pleasure while he continues on coming close to his own release. He keeps going hard and fast when finally he reaches his sweet release and his seeds spill into you. (Lemon Over)

Posted by goth101dess at 10:25 PM EDT

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